How do I setup a message on an enclosed card?

Some products are shipped with a message on an enclosed card.  In this case, you will want to ask the shopper for the message they would like printed on the enclosed card. 
  1. Create a product attribute named "Gift Card Message".  Optionally, you may enter a Description, which will be displayed on the product page.
  2. Add the product attribute to the product as follows:
    • Create or edit the product in you would like to add the gift card message to. 
    • Click on the the "Product Attributes" tab and add a new record.
    • Select the product attribute you created above.
    • Enter a Text Prompt and select a Control Type of "Multiline textbox".
    • If you want this to be required, check that box.
    • Click "Save and Continue Edit".  Optionally, View or Edit rules, such as minimum or maximum length of the message.
The end result on the product page will look similar to this:
For more information, see Managing Products in the nopCommerce documentation.