Store Setup Overview

The hardest part of any project, big or small, is usually just getting started.  So, what does the overall process of setting up your WebStore look like?
We've gone to great lengths to make the WebStore setup process as smooth as possible!  You setup your WebStore in a logical, step by step process.  This step by step process is also reflected in the order of admin menus (left to right), making it easy to find what you need.
Your WebStore's admin panel makes it easy to find what you need.
Seting up your WebStore is as easy as setting up these 7 areas:
  1. Settings - overall store settings
  2. Content - store content, such as your home page or about us
  3. Catalog - create your categories, products, and services
  4. Promotions - (optional) create discounts, rewards and other incentives
  5. Customers -  settings for your site visitors and customers
  6. Cart - settings for shopping cart and checkout
  7. Sales - settings for orders and shipments
Those are the basics!  All key elements of your store fit neatly into one of these seven buckets. Your WebStore's admin panel contains a step by step checklist that walks you through the setup of your WebStore.  And don't forget, we're here for you anytime you have a question!
Want to see what your WebStore will look like?  Visit our demonstration stores right now.